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Metaphysical Accreditation



The Metaphysical Accreditation Institute is committed to offering the highest quality self paced online distance learning in Metaphysics, Spiritual Healing and Self Care modalities.

The Metaphysical Accreditation Institute  promotes high educational standards in that only high-quality content must be used in courses that we accredit. We offer Metaphysical Schools, Teachers, Educators, Trainers, Practitioners & Metaphysicians the opportunity to become accredited under our umbrella and be backed and respected by affiliation with our organization.


The Metaphysical Accreditation Institute offers membership registration as a Metaphysician, Metaphysical Practationer or Metaphysical Professional.


Association with our organization has several benefits. 


The Metaphysical Accreditation Institute offers one on one coaching sessions where you can Learn Confidence, Mindset & Manifestation as you adopt practical life long skills. 

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