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Become Accredited

The Metaphysical Accreditation Institute  promotes high educational standards in that only high-quality content must be used in courses that we accredit. We offer Metaphysical Schools, Teachers, Educators, Trainers, Practitioners & Metaphysicians the opportunity to become accredited under our umbrella and be backed and respected by affiliation with our organization. 

In the United States, accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of review. 

Why become Accredited?

Metaphysical schools, educators & practitioners are encouraged to be Accredited as an added layer of credibility as well as a way to enhance your reputation for excellence in this industry. Accreditation provides a higher standard of performance for thoes in the Metaphysical Industry.

What are the benefits of becoming accredited through the Metaphysical Accreditation Institute?

1. You will have the confidence of being backed by an organization of high standards with a great reputation in the Metaphysical Industry.

2. You will receive a Certificate of Accreditation and a digital Accreditation Logo to proudly display on your digital products and websites.

3 Your website/Logo & business services will be placed on our Affiliate Accreditation Listing on our website. 

What types of Professionals do we issue Accreditation to?

We accredit individuals or organizations who teach & practice metaphysical related topics this list includes....

Life Coaching

Psychic Abilities






Energy Healing



Emotional Intelligence


Paranormal and parapsychology courses, and others

Requirements for becoming Accredited by the Metaphysical Accreditation Institute:

We require high quality content and excellent service in Accrediting our affiliates. 

1. All course content must be professional in presentation and content must be well written

2. You must have a website that expresses the purpose of your service or course content

3. You must submit an MAI Accreditation application

4. You must upload a Course outline or curriculum

5. You must upload your Code of Ethics

6. You must upload your Mission and Vision Statements

7. You must be a member of the Metaphysical Accreditation Institute in good standing.

Accreditation Process & Fees

The Accreditation process takes up to 4 weeks for review & approval. If you would like a rush on your application, there is an additional fee which you can select at the time you submit your application.

The Metaphysical Accreditation Institute Application and Accreditation Fee is $199.00 and is due at the time you submit your application.


The "Rush" Application which is guaranteed approval or denial within 7 days is $50.00. If your application is denied, the "rush" application fee will not be refunded. 

If your application is denied due to non compliance with the MAI's requirements & or Code of Ethics, our board reserves the right to deny your application and a full refund of the application fee will be given within 7 business days of your denial.

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